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I make sprites, but do not like sprite.

2007-07-24 07:57:58 by PikKirby

This is one of my medium "Efforted" kinda work, not the greatest sprite in the world, but I did it becuase I like Tankmen!

I'm REALLY looking foward to Tankmen 3 (if there is gonna be one)

Tell me what you think of the picture!

I make sprites, but do not like sprite.


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2007-07-24 10:58:10

I think the arms look kinda funny... But otherwise, it looks nice.
And like NoName said, the next TANKMEN would be TANKMEN 2.
TANKMEN 1.5 was originally called TANKMEN 2, but it was changed later.


2007-07-24 13:56:52

Looks deformed.

You should use the footer sprites as a reference. f


2007-07-24 15:07:34

Very nice. If you would make me custom sprites for my new movie we could get something going...

PikKirby responds:



2007-08-11 18:37:01



2007-08-11 18:37:46

Sorry for double posting, Im finishing a collab, I could really use some of your art, send me a PM if you need me.